Why Breakfast At Raes?

A lot of people ask me, what does Breakfast At Raes even mean?

Though the question has been asked many times, it really didn’t sink in until my mom asked me last night, “I always wondered why you named it that.”

To a blogger that builds a brand off the title and look of her site, that point really resinated with me. So, I am here to clear the curiosity, thanks to my mom for pointing out a common question!

I started this blog idea back in my freshmen year of college, due to a professor who suggest if I want to write what’s important to me, then I better start a blog. I started the blog officially in the spring of 2015. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years and all the progress I have made since then.

I remember one night thinking, gee, what am I even going to name my blog? I knew I wanted it to be something witty but not unrecognizable but also I didn’t want it to be just my name. So like any other person, I took to Google and began my search.

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