My September Faves

IMG_1656You guys! How am I already reflecting back on September? The month just flew by. Luckily for me (and I hope you too) I had a really good month! So much has happened this past month: I moved into my senior year of college, I started a new internship, I attended StyleWeek Northeast and Her Campus College Fashion Week…whoa.

Not only has September been good for the mind, it’s been good for the closet…and the makeup drawer, which I assume you could tell from my last post (aka goodie bag!)

Anyways, I would like to wrap up the month as any fashion/beauty obsessed human would do — that’s right, it’s time for my faves of this month. Here we go!

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Her Campus Bag Product Review


Hi all! SO this past weekend was really exciting for me and one of the things I got to do was attend the Her Campus College Fashion Week! The event was in Boston and it was such a nice venue with a lot to do and a lot to see.

I have 10 items from the event to review for you guys with link to all of them so let’s get started!

I’ll post a photo, the name and 3 quick need-to-knows about the product!

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My DREAM Night at StyleWeek NE


Hey everyone! So A LOT of exciting things have been going on for me in the fashion department of life and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you. However, I am definitely going to break them up into different blog posts so that they can be concise and focused for you!

Tonight however, we’re talking StyleWeek NE. For those of you who are not familiar with it, StyleWeek is New England’s Premiere Fashion Week (see their website here and Twitter page here!)

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Getting your last Summer looks in

IMG_1226 copy

Welcome everyone to my new post! Though it’s hard to admit, summer is coming to an end.

However, what does that mean for us? FALL is coming (well, in New England it is!) Besides summer style, fall is one of my faves — there is just so much you can do between the scarves, hats, vests and cute boots…so I cannot wait!

So since we are saying goodbye to summer for now, I thought I’d close with an outfit I absolutely loved this season! Continue reading