Sensible AND cute? Here’s how!

Hi everyone!! Happy Saturday!

On a random note, this is the first time I am writing a blogpost from my that wired? Do other people do this? Either way, I’m here today with some insight into dressing sensible AND cute at the same time!

Ever taken a day trip and thought, jeeze, ‘I really want to be cute but I feel like I have to wear sneakers and something that I’ll be able to move in.’ Me too!! However, the other thought that goes through my head is, ‘Okay, I’ve accepted that I have to be sensible, but why can’t I be cute too?’ There’s no such thing as one or the other, and I have some super fun tips as to how I come up with outfits that work for both!

  1. You have to wear sneakers: FINE! Wear them! There are plenty of sneakers out there that make for a cute and relaxed look. I simply did a Pinterest search the day before my NYC day trip and wrote ‘cute outfits with sneakers’ and BOOM instant inspo!! Ps. Slide ons of any kind are always a good option because they have support AND style. If you are flat footed however, it could be a problem since there is ZERO arch support. I picked up these super cute pair from Macy’s Backstage!
  1. You just want to wear a T-shirt and be relaxed because you’re walking around: do it! Pairing a T-shirt with something like a mini skirt, (or even a midi or maxi!!) can be really fun and a nice challenge for you to figure out a look outside your comfort zone. I also like to pair a graphic tee with white jeans, distressed denim Bermuda shorts or under a lace-y tank dress!
  1. You want to wear a backpack: awesome!! There are so many cute small backpacks out there—I just saw a TON at Marshall’s now that it’s ‘back to school’ (it’s really not, but if the commercials say it is, then I guess it is) either way, take advantage of that back pack stock even if you aren’t going back to school and get yourself a cute backpack for travel days!
  1. You want to wear your hair up: No one ever said that if your hair is in a high pony or a messy bun that all bets are off for a cute outfit. Play into your hairstyle and create a look that compliments it! You can do a high pony, statement earrings, jean shorts and a simple tank and have a totally chic outfit with little effort and super sensible.
  • I hope these tips help with the idea that just because you need to dress sensible for a long day away from your house, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t add your own personal style and flare to the look. I wore the outfit pictured to NYC one day, and it was perfect! I was comfortable and knew I had a cute look going on—it was a win, win. No blisters from uncomfortable sandals, no tugging at a tight shirt and the skirt was surprisingly ok during my long, hot day!
  • Ps. I don’t know that I’ll be writing a post from my phone ever again…my thumbs are super tired. How not sensible of me!!
  • XOXO, Rae
  • 4 thoughts on “Sensible AND cute? Here’s how!

    1. Hub City Girl says:

      Cute outfit! I have tried writing a post on my phone, but like you….my thumbs ran out of juice. I kept losing the post too after pressing so many wrong buttons and links, (the phone and me just don’t get along haha!) and after a while I gave up. Kudos to you for finishing it all the way!!!


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