Repurposing Dresses

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Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today I want to chat quickly about repurposing dresses within seasons, because it’s super easy to do.

I got this dress back in July from Zara for $10 which is an absolute steal. If you’ve never been to the Zara sale, I recommend you mentally prepare, but also do it. Do it for your wallet.

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A Classic Look

Gold Chain:

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today I wanted to dive into a classic look — dressing in all black! Sometimes I am in the mood for an all black outfit because, let’s face it, it’s super easy to do…or is it?

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Keeping Fall Decor Fresh & Simple

Hi pals!

This weekend I decided to venture to my local TJ Maxx (as one does), for some fall decor! It was time to spice up the normal apartment decor for something a bit seasonal, so what better place than the ol Maxx?

My goal was to find pieces that weren’t SCREAMING fall in your face, but that were also enough to get the vibe across for these couple of months. I actually found it really hard achieve this, so I had to get a bit creative. Read more to see what I did to supplement the typical ‘autumn decor’ for something a bit more natural (and costly), and how it worked for me!

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