Fun Office Looks

Even though I work in a corporate environment, I don’t feel the need to wear those classic Calvin Klein-esq work dresses and pantsuits to the office. Hey, I don’t even feel the need to wear work pants and a blouse. I do, however, like to look really put together and stylish for work everyday, while maintaining a level of comfort.

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My Favorite 2019 Looks & Top 9

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

Since I did a sappy / life review yesterday, I thought it would be fun today to write a little more lighthearted.

I am recapping my favorite 2019 looks over the last 365 days, and reflecting on my “Top 9” from Instagram! Let’s get into it!

I feel like my style this year REALLY evolved. Something in my just switched, and I have been getting more and more into a new personal style. I really love playing with neutrals and pieces of clothing that aren’t as girly, while trying to still stick to being myself…if that makes ANY sense. Let’s start from oldest – newest:

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