I was born and raised in Connecticut and attended Roger Williams University where I received her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and minored in Electronic Business. Throughout college, my love of fashion grew more and more and I started this blog after a professor told me that it would be a good space to blog about what I love. Later on, another professor urged her to use it as a portfolio, which is why you will see other pages at the top with her work in them.

Expressing myself through the art of fashion is something I love — as is finding affordable clothing that looks good and is paired well with other pieces. Along with this blog, you can refer to me Instagram, @rachelbimnote for more of her personal style.

In addition to fashion, I have a passion for the beauty industry and currently work as a Coordinator in the Global Communications department at Laura Mercier Cosmetics!

To see why this site is named “Breakfast at Rae’s”, visit this blog post I wrote: HERE

ps! Check out the widgets I have going on throughout my whole site: on the side bar you will see links to follow me on social media or to follow this blog, a little about me, and my Instagram feed! As you scroll to the footer, you will see my latest Tweets on Twitter, an archive of my posts and some more about me.

Xx Rachel


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