Fun Office Looks

Even though I work in a corporate environment, I don’t feel the need to wear those classic Calvin Klein-esq work dresses and pantsuits to the office. Hey, I don’t even feel the need to wear work pants and a blouse. I do, however, like to look really put together and stylish for work everyday, while maintaining a level of comfort.

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My Favorite 2019 Looks & Top 9

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

Since I did a sappy / life review yesterday, I thought it would be fun today to write a little more lighthearted.

I am recapping my favorite 2019 looks over the last 365 days, and reflecting on my “Top 9” from Instagram! Let’s get into it!

I feel like my style this year REALLY evolved. Something in my just switched, and I have been getting more and more into a new personal style. I really love playing with neutrals and pieces of clothing that aren’t as girly, while trying to still stick to being myself…if that makes ANY sense. Let’s start from oldest – newest:

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Record Year in Review

2019 was good to me. I know at the end of every year everyone can’t stop talking about how they are ready for the year to end, and are gearing up for the new year. I get it — it usually means a fresh start, new mindset and a chance to set new goals. Just as much as I AM excited for the new year, I wanted to take the time to appreciate what THIS year had in store for me.

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Christmas Card BTS & More

Hi everyone! Tis the season for Christmas cards, right?!

Growing up my favorite thing to do in preparation for Christmas was to take the photo with my brother. I think the thought of my parents sending it around to our closest friends and family, and even those they hadn’t connected with in years was so fun to me. I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail, so I always loved sending one out too.

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For your guy: Gift Guide

The ladies gift guide went first, but now it’s the guys’ turn! We all have a guy in our life, whether it be our boyfriend, husband, dad, brother or friend and let’s be honest with ourselves, guys can be really hard to shop for. My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time and I wish I could say gift giving gets easier, but actually the opposite, it keeps getting harder!

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