Photo by STIL on Unsplash


The pages above feature the experience I have had as a journalist so far.

Under ‘College Fashionista‘ you will see the work from the two years I was a Style Guru. I went around and got images of college students with great style so that they could be featured on the website. My time at CF consisted of a monthly post with quality images, 500 words of copy and some personal flare!

Under ‘Partyka Chevy Mazda‘ you will see my work from when I was the Social Media Coordinator at the local family owned dealership. I spent the summer before my senior year running the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and website for the dealership. I also created all of my own original graphics and even did a radio advertisement!

Under the ‘Rhode Island Monthly‘ tab, you will see my work from when I was the editorial intern at the magazine. There, are my stories and blog posts that were published online (and the first one, in print!) that I hope you enjoy.

Under ‘Flo’n The Go‘ tab, are my stories from when I was a volunteer writer for the Italian based online publication. Flo’n the Go gave me many opportunities during my time abroad. I got to travel to events by myself, witness them, review them and have them published online.

If you have questions about my work experience, please do not hesitate to head over to my contact page and send me an email, I would love to discuss what I have done so far.