College Fashionista


I had the pleasure to be a Style Guru for College Fashionista for four semesters. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had with the company because it sparked my love for fashion that much more.

College Fashionista is an online internship that displays trends in fashion in college by having college aged students write articles and take pictures every month and upload them to the site.

This internship is so much fun and has taught me a lot about myself, my writing and my personal style.

I learned valuable lessons on photography, uploading content to the internet and writing short but catchy posts to go along with an assigned topic. Plus, there was a deadline every month, so it pushed me to be punctual.

Check out the pull down menu under this tab for a break down of my articles from the past four semesters along with some of my favorite pictured from each post. Make sure you click the link too, so you can see my page!!