CF Fall Semester 2015

First Post: Style Guru Bio – Sept. 4, 2015

Hey there, all my fellow Fashionitas/os! I’m Rachel and I am a first time Style Guru! I could not be more excited to start this internship, I think it is a great way to express personal style and meet new people who also have a passion for fashion.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and decided to go to college on the water in Rhode Island at Roger Williams University. I couldn’t be more in love with my breezy, seashore campus where I can be myself and dress for all four seasons. Due to packing reasons, it is harder to dress to my full potential while at school because I had to leave some pieces behind. However, I look at it as a challenge, and I accept the challenge.

Thinking of an outfit in my head, putting it on and making the outfit complete has to be one of the best feelings in the world. It is cool to be able to take style from an initial thought and turn it into a look that everyone else can enjoy too. For as long as I can remember, putting together outfits with accessories and a little bit of hair and makeup has always been something I love to do.

Besides being a Fashionista, I am an avid pinner on Pinterest, I am usually found walking on campus with my best friends or seen getting a coffee (or two) every day! I enjoy weekend brunch, keeping up with my social media and doing DIY projects for home decor.

As for my personal style, I would say I am very girly with a touch of classic style and occasionally a bit of edge when I feel like it. For this look, I focused more on my classic side, the shorts from New York & Company remind me of vintage style with the polka dots and the ruffle shirt from TOBI brings out my sassy side. I accessorized sparingly with a black watch and simple bangles. The Forever 21 ankle strap sandals have been my go to shoes for the summer, the white color stands out and makes a simple statement.

The beauty aspect of this look is simple makeup: the Naked 3 palette on my eyes, Maybelline BB Cream with MAC bronzer over it and a couple swipes of mascara. I did a bolder red violet lip with gloss over it for a more daytime look. My hair is straightened so that it complements the ruffles in my tank.

To get the look, click the links above for pieces that are similar to mine. As always, follow me on social media and be sure to check out my articles as we fall into autumn style!

Style Guru Bio1

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Bimonte

Second Post: What to Wear: Back to School – Sept. 7, 2015

Ready, set, go to school! Whether you are ready or not, school is back in session, but the good thing is, it’s another occasion to dress for! Sure it is hard to part with all the bathing suits and comfy beach cover-ups, but it is time to find your best back to school outfits and sport them around campus.

In the beginning of the semester it is always fun to see everyone dress up and get ready for class because it is an exciting, new time. We all know by the fifth week of the semester, it’s sweatpants and T-shirts for a lot of students. Nowadays, however, it is very easy to dress stylish and comfortable like this Fashionista did in her jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are known to be a go-to outfit because they are relaxed but trendy at the same time. Even better? They are all one piece, perfect for those 8:00 a.m. classes when our minds are not ready to put together an outfit yet.

I saw this Fashionista on her way to class in the middle of the day when the sun was hot but the air was chilly; what a perfect day to wear this jumpsuit that has spaghetti straps but long pants. Rhode Island weather is always unpredictable so we dress for all temperatures. This Fashionista paired it with matching sandals that are detailed in the front and just a simple gold bracelet. The accessories are minimal but perfect for this outfit since the jumpsuit has such a detailed pattern.

What to wear1

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School

Third Post: Style Advice of the Week: Livin’ La Vida Boho – Oct. 5, 2o15

Happy fall, Fashionistas! The transition between summer and fall can be a little tricky—especially in New England. It is cold in the morning but warm in the afternoon, which creates a Fashionista nightmare: what do we wear?

I always make the mistake of rushing into fall too fast but let’s be real, who can resist sweaters and booties?

This Fashionista was rockin’ her boho, summer/fall outfit on a gorgeous day here in Rhode Island, and she even utilized layers for when the chilly ocean breeze blew by.

Let’s start from the top: her hair was propped up in a high pony which was perfect to show off the embroidery of her top. The top from Lucky Brand is colored a wild red and you can find a similar shirt on their website. Her peasant blouse is such a signature piece to show how bohemian style works for this season transition.

Her jeans are a light wash which is perfect for daytime look. The jeans have a distressed feel to them to dress down the shirt a little. The booties are my favorite part of this look because well, they are so fall. This boho Fashionista knew exactly how to accessorize this outfit—she added a contrasting turquoise pop of color in thenecklace and rings to show off how bright the colors are in her outfit. The blue really made the red blouse stand out and they complement each other beautifully.

It was essential that she had a light cardigan with her because it was a great layering element for shady areas outside or for when the wind likes to act up. The fact that the sweater was long also added more of a bohemian vibe to this outfit.

Want to wear this outfit doing errands, too? Do it! Add a fringe bag to this outfit and you are all set to go shop around town looking boho-chic.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Bohemian style is definitely a fun, go-to look for me. I always try and save it for this time of the year because it emulates summer and fall—depending on how you wear it, it works for both seasons!”

Style advice of the week1

Fourth Post: Style Guru Style: (Fall)ing In Love With Fringe – Nov. 3, 2015

Welcome, fall! Hey, Fashionistas! I hope you are all as excited about fall as I am. There’s something about being able to wear sweaters and ponchos without having to put a coat over them just yet. Pulling our favorite outfits out of the closet can be just what we need to get through the week because to feel fabulous, you have to look fabulous.

There were so many great looks from the fall 2015 collections but one that really caught my eye was H&M fall 2015 ready-to-wear. I am such an H&M girl so of course I loved everything in the collection. There was a lot of outerwear and neutral tones. In my opinion, there is no better tone than a neutral tone. A lot of the outerwear was oversized which can look great with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. The item that caught my eye and was inspiration for my outfit was the oversized gray sweater that the model rocked down the runway.

The way that I tried emulating the H&M look was to go for a wide neck poncho that would flow in the wind. I like how comfortable and chic it can be to be able to wear a long sleeve under a poncho but still stay warm on a windy day. I paired my fall 2015 H&M inspired poncho with my favorite pair of dark skinny jeans to add proportion to my outfit. I added my fringe booties that have a heel for an elegant look.

For hair, makeup and accessories: I pulled my hair back into a sleek bun to show off the flow of the poncho and keep my hair from distracting it. I added a plum lip because it really pops with the light colored poncho. For accessories, I kept it simple and let the outfit speak for itself.

Get My Look: 1. Poncho. 2. Booties. 3. Dark skinny jeans.

Style Guru Style1

STYPE GURU STYLE: (Fall)ing In Love With Fringe

Fifth and Final Post: All In The Details: December Blues – Dec. 2, 2015

Brrr! It’s getting cold out, Fashionistas! I am not as welcoming to the cold weather as I am to fall weather, but I do love a good scarf, beanie, peacoat combination!

Luckily for this Fashionista, she only needed a peacoat for this crisp winter day—it is chilly but not too chilly here in breezy Rhode Island.

This Fashionista rocked an electric blue sweater from TOBI along with a pair of black skinny jeans and black booties for the chilly day and she even accessorized with a blue statement necklace to dress up the outfit. She had with her a black peacoat as well, for when the wind was acting up. What really stood out for me was the statement necklace that was the same color as her sweater, but it was a totally different feel so it stood out enough. Though the sweater has the unique holes in the front, the chunky necklace worked out because it ran along the neckline and didn’t interfere with the sweater at all.

The sweater is just baggy enough that it makes for great proportions with the skinny skinny jeans and the booties make the outfit more elegant. This Fashionista could wear this outfit to class or for a date night. To dress this outfit down, you could swap out the booties for a pair of knee high black boots that have a one inch heel and you’re set to go pretty much anywhere.

She kept her makeup simple but classy with a winged eyeliner and a lighter smoky eye. Paired with the busy neckline, this Fashionista was well on her way for almost any occasion.

How To: Want to look as versatile as this Fashionista on a cold winter day? Pair almost any sweater with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and just remember to add a statement necklace that really makes the outfit stand out. The shoes you choose can either dress the outfit up or down but a solid outfit with a standout necklace is always the way to go for the days when it seems like you are conquering the world, one outfit at a time.

All in the Details1