CF Spring Semester 2016

Sixth Post: What to Wear — Weekend Wear — May 19, 2016

Happy spring, Fashionistas/os! It is a good thing that new trends come with the beginning of spring or else all I would be experiencing this spring so far are allergies and rain.

However, some weekends we are graced with some sun here in Connecticut. The presence of sun is the perfect opportunity to sport a new outfit that has been stuck in the closet for a couple months.

This month was my first time spotting a Fashionisto and it was pretty exciting! This Fashionisto is wearing gray khakis with a blush pink button-down shirt that is heavy material but still light enough to transition to summer. He paired the outfit with gray loafers and his best watch. He also threw in his Oakley sunglasses that are an everyday must, especially when hoping for more sunny days in the future. For his hair, he kept it simple with gel on top.

This outfit reminded me of a perfect one to wear on the weekend because it is so versatile. The gray pants make it dark enough for the night time and dinner on the weekend but the light shirt makes it bright enough to wear around town on a Sunday morning. This is definitely an ensemble that one could wear for an entire day on the weekend, especially now that it is spring and the weather is getting warmer (we hope)!

The accessories are also interesting to me too because again, they make the outfit versatile. The watch is on the fancier side so it dresses it up but the sunglasses bring it back to an every day, weekend look.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look and transform it from weekend wear to something you could wear on a beach vacation? All you have to do is switch out the dark gray khakis for a lighter gray pair of khaki shorts and you are on your way to looking fit for any beach vacation. The transformed outfit would work for a breezy dinner, a walk on the boardwalk or even to dip your toes in the water on the beach.

Style On®,

Rachel Bimonte

Fifth Post: What to Wear — Brunch — April 20, 2016

Ciao Fashionistas! Here in Florence, Italy, the weather has been fabulous. We ditched the rainy season and welcomed in spring with open arms. The coming of a new season means a coming of a new wardrobe—how exciting!

This Fashionista is wearing a brunch ready ensemble that can also be worn while walking around the narrow and historic streets of Florence. She keeps it neutral and simple for this look and that makes the few aspects of the outfit stand out so much more.

For this look she is sporting a corduroy black, Brandy Melville skirt along with a white, sleeveless, mock neck blouse with a brown leather jacket that pairs perfectly with her tan peep-toe wedges. She keeps her hair simple, down but in a half-up low bun and keeps her makeup fresh for this daytime look. Along with her she has her Ray-Bans sunglasses (because who doesn’t love a pair of sunglasses on a sunny brunch afternoon) and a black leather satchel from a local leather market here in Florence. She wears a few silver rings and the blue one really pops in this neutral outfit. As seen in the photos, the outfit still looks complete if she wants to take off the jacket and get some sun on her shoulders while walking to brunch!

I love that corduroy is so popular again among many stores that college women shop at because it is such a fun material and it works really well for all seasons. This Fashionista channeled her inner Italian fashion with the leather jacket but also threw in some modern looks such as the mock neck and the way she styled her hair.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look from brunch to something you can wear for class? Swap out the peep-toe wedges for a pair of white sneakers and you’ve got yourself a look that is perfect for class and will have people turning their heads while you walk across the quad.

Style On®,

Rachel Bimonte

Fourth Post: Style Guru Style – Not a Waste if You High-Waist – Mar. 24, 2016

Hey Fashionistas! Ever have a skirt sitting in your closet but you never know what to do with it or how to wear it? Yeah, me too!

More frequently I have seen runway models and regular gals dressing in skirts—but wearing them high-waisted and tucked into a blouse or T-shirt. What are the benefits of this look? You can show off the entire flow or look of the skirt, you can make yourself appear thinner by accentuating the smallest part of your body and you can wear the skirt with a ton of different shoes and tops to ensure that you get the most use out of something that may have been hiding in the back of your closet.

We see a skirt used like this in Diane von Furstenberg’s fall winter 2016-2017 collection look number 27 where the runway model is rocking a printed top tucked into a black skirt. Over her is a black coat paired with some killer tall knee-high boots. The look is topped off with a black hat to add a daytime look.

I chose to model myself after this look because I think it shows how versatile skirts can actually turn out being. I know myself and a lot of my friends will waste perfectly good skirts because we think they are too much effort to dress up or pair something with.

However, if you simply take a fun top and tuck it into a plain skirt or take a different skirt and pair it with a plain top, you are good to go. Not to mention, where the skirt and shirt meet will end up being the focal point of the outfit which is always good if you are trying to achieve good shape under your outfit.

I decided to take a fun, olive green corduroy skirt with buttons and tuck a black sweater with a mock turtleneck into it. I also added some printed tights because it was a chilly day in Florence, Italy and my high boots for extra warmth. I also added one of my favorite necklaces that I think brings out the silver buttons on the skirt.

For my hair I put it in a top knot because not only do I think top knots are the greatest invention for all hair types, but it also keeps my hair out of the way and the focus is put on the skirt.

Don’t forget that this outfit can be changed up easily by adding a jacket, changing the boots to shorter ones or taking away the necklace and letting the hair down—it’s all about versatility.

Get My Look: 1. Olive green skirt.  2. Mock turtleneck.  3. Statement necklace.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Not a Waste if You High-Waist

Third Post: Fashion From Abroad – Fabulously Firenze – Feb. 26, 2016

Ciao, Fashionistas! I am coming to you right from Florence, Italy this semester!

Studying abroad is the opportunity of a lifetime and I am so happy I decided to come to Florence, a place where fashion really took shape and is still rockin’ out today in style. There is so much inspiration here in terms of fashion sense and I find myself really taking risks with what I wear because hey, why not?

One of my favorite parts about Florence is what I like to call “The Fifth Avenue of Florence”—it is essentially a street dedicated to just high fashion shops and I get the pleasure of walking down it every day on my way to and from school.

Speaking of walking to and from school every day, I spotted the most perfect green door when looking for a Fashionista and when I found her, she had such “Firenze” style. She was even another study abroad member from the United States so it was great to see fellow college students playing around with fashion! It was the perfect situation.

For this post I would like to focus on not just the entire outfit, but specifically this Fashionista’s hat! It is what sets her outfit over the edge into being a complete Florence ensemble. It is exactly what I am talking about when I say taking fashion risks here.

The studs on the black hat is what sets it apart from any old floppy hat and the gold really gets a chance to bring out the rest of the outfit. This Fashionista is also wearing a gray mock turtleneck shirt with an open, sleeveless tan cardigan over it. She paired it with her go-to black skinny jeans and her tall black boots.

For her hair, she kept it simple under the hat but had half of it in a lower set ponytail for when she was not wearing the hat in class or while grabbing something to eat.

The mix of neutral colors is also what caught my eye—if you have been following my articles, you must know how much I love a good neutral. I love them because they are simple but chic; effortless but they always look good together. It’s what lets us take fashion risks, like the hat for example because the outfit does not outshine the main focus.

Captured: I spotted this Fashionista right around the corner from one of my academic buildings near Palazzo Rucellai. I love the entire facade of this street in Central Florence so it was perfect that I got to capture a moment at one of the prettiest doors in the Florence city.


FASHION FROM ABROAD: Fabulously Firenze

Second Post: Style Advice of the Week – Have Yourself a Nautical Little Winter – Feb. 4, 2016

Happy winter, Fashionistas! Here in New England we were blessed with some great weather—up until now. It is officially winter weather and I don’t know how I feel about it in terms of style.

For one thing, I like winter fashion more than summer because layering is key for winter. Have you ever gone outside and it was freezing but then went to the mall and wish you could take layers off and then went to a restaurant and felt somewhere in between? Me too!

This Fashionista pulled off the layering look fabulously because she took a dress and put some leggings on underneath it for this chilly weather. If she wanted to, she could have easily thrown on a sweater and a jacket for some additional layers!

What I love about this look is the possibility to take this look from winter to summer. We talk a lot in fashion about taking a look from day to night, but what about season to season? I am all for making dresses versatile.I can just picture this dress with a floppy white hat and some cute white sandals or wedges to dress it up, but we see here that this dress works in the winter too.

This Fashionista took this versatile paisley blue dress on a wintry trip with navy leggings and brown booties. She kept a summer vibe with some hidden nautical gems–an anchor ring and an anchor necklace. The summery accents were so subtle that they completely worked with this look. She could also rock the same jewelry in the summer and even play up the nautical ambiance a bit more.

She kept it natural with her hair, half pulled back–which could work for the summer, too. She also wore her makeup in a simple way but played up her eyes with a winged liner.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The best part about this outfit is definitely that it is comfortable. I can see myself wearing this dress on many occasions because it looks great on but at the same time it is effortless.”


First Post: Style Guru Bio – Jan. 7, 2016

Hey Fashionistas! Who’s ready for another great semester?

I am kicking off this semester with an outfit full of neutrals—can you think of anything better than that? This semester, starting in January, you will be seeing my posts from all the way across the globe in Florence, Italy! I am so excited to be able to capture some European fashion so that all of my readers can get a taste of what I will be seeing daily.

For this post I featured one of the best jackets from my wardrobe. In my opinion, this jacket is such a staple for every young woman to have in her closet. It is a neutral, lined jacket that is perfect for fall or spring and even now, the beginning of winter. It is a chic light jacket that looks high class but was purchased at a reasonable price.

I paired my favorite jacket with a sweater from my mom’s wardrobe, shout out to mom for this one! It is a beige and gray colored sweater that is stitched with some silver as well. It goes great with a pair of semi-high-waistedgray jeans tucked in for that polished, refined look that goes from day to night.

Because it was chilly out, I threw on a winter scarf. However, the outfit would have been great without the scarf too. To top it off, I wore my favorite fringe booties that are beige, as well. For accessories I kept it simple as usual with my lovely Michael Kors watch and silver and black accents in the bracelets and rings.

My makeup stayed natural–I did a light pink lip, bronze eye and swipes of my trusty mascara.

Want to get this look or something like it? Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match neutrals like nude and gray or black and tan or even brown and white. It can be suprising to see which colors pair nicely with each other. A great tip is to look for inspiration in patterned shirts that mix neutrals already and then base the rest of your outfit off of that. If you want to make this look more causal, un-tuck the shirt and wear a pair of low-heeled black booties. If you want to make this look a GNO, trade out the beige jacket for a black moto jacket and you are on your way to a great night.

I am so excited to participate in another semester with my readers at CollegeFashionista. I’ll see you guys in Florence! Here’s to a RAD semester.Style Guru Bio2

STYLE GURU BIO: Rachel Bimonte