CF Summer Semester 2016

Fourth Post: Style Guru Style — One More Necklace — August 18, 2016

It has been hot, hot, hot Fashionistas! I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to keep up my style game while still trying to remain sane in this heat. Sometimes the weather can take us Fashionistas for a whirl when we get thrown snow, rain or even something as crazy as the warmth we have been experiencing in the Northeast.

This month, I decided to stay cool in one of my favorite olive green dresses. I got inspiration for the necklace layering from the Chanel fall 2016 ready-to-wear runway collection. Chanel did change up their look a bit though, as they kept concepts from the natural Chanel look. In the review of the runway items, Sarah Mower wrote, “Still, the main lesson learned? The return of the power of the Chanel pearl necklace, worn in piles. The more the merrier—quite literally.” I agree; the more necklaces, the merrier!

Having such a simple dress as mine, I wanted to spice things up a bit. Layering necklaces is always an option and I feel as though I have seen more people wearing them that way. It is a great focal point for the outfit and I think it ties the whole look together, especially if there is other silvery jewelry that is present, such as my watch, rings and earrings.

The other great element about having a simple dress is being able to have a lot of fun with shoes. I purchased the shoes recently and the first thing I wanted to do was put them on and take some CollegeFashionista pictures! They are too good not to be photographed.

Styling my hair up was a good choice for me because first of all, the heat! Second, I think with the long necklaces, hair down would take away from the look of the elongated neckline. A topknot is always a good choice for summer. A piece of advice for readers with thin hair like me: tease your ponytail like crazy and then wrap your hair into a bun! It makes all the difference in the world. I always dreamt of a full bun but I never thought I would achieve it.

This look was perfect for a warm summer day but I also cannot wait to transition this dress into fall weather!

Get My Look: 1. Olive green dress2. Long and layered necklace3. Peep-toe booties.

Style On®,

Rachel Bimonte

Third Post: Style Advice of the Week — Black, White and Chic All Over — July 21, 2016

Hey Fashionistas! Don’t let July fly by without checking out some fabulous summer style in this month’s post.

This Fashionista has all the ingredients for making a perfect outfit that she can wear almost anywhere. In summer especially, versatility is key. I am sure we have all been grabbing coffee with a friend, running to a summer cookout and then finishing out the evening with a dinner with the family…am I right? If I am, then you know you need an outfit that will get you through those busy summer days all in one shot.

This Fashionista breezed through her summer day wearing clothes that have all the contents we look for when making a stylish, easy and fun outfit. She started with a summer staple—white pants (I know, I know, I can go on forever about white pants); a simple-but-girly black, short sleeve blouse that had some flare to the bottom of it; minimal but necessary accessories and brown sandals to match her sun-kissed skin and hair. She was sure not to forget a clutch. After all, where else would she put her summer essentials?

We all know a fabulous outfit without hair and makeup is equivalent to a beach day without sun. This Fashionista was sure to apply her ColourPop matte lipstick, along with some black mascara and shimmering bronzer for a light and summery beauty aspect of her ensemble. She kept her hair straight which definitely makes those summer days easier when you don’t have to worry about falling curls or drooping up-dos.

This Fashionista rocked it this July with all the aspects of a great outfit. She’s got the clothes, the accessories, the shoes, the bag and the beauty—mix it all together and we have a Fashionista who is ready to take on any summer event while looking chic and staying cool.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Make sure when you are shopping for clothes that you get really versatile items that can be paired with three or four outfits rather than just a one-time wear.”

Style On®,

Rachel Bimonte

Second Post: All in the Details — Make A Statement — June 23, 2016

Summer is finally in full swing, and what does that mean for us Fashionistas? Great style that is easy, fun and takes minimal effort and apparel. When I think of summer, I think of the beach, barbecues, lemonade and white pants that of course look good with mostly anything they are paired with!

This Fashionista wore a perfect summer outfit that could really go for day or night and she made a huge statement with that necklace. Summer style to me is all about being fun but in a minimal way. She simply had a pair of white jeans, a blush tanktan wedges and a pop-of-color yellow tote. She topped off with the statement necklace that brought the entire outfit together. It is interesting to always see how one accessory can completely shape an outfit or complete a look. It is such a simple concept yet it makes for a huge impact. Her short, blonde hair topped off this look as well for being easy going yet incredibly chic and stylish.

Statement necklaces not only top off an outfit, but when paired with another outfit, they can create another whole great look without having to go out and buy another necklace. This Fashionista can wear the necklace at a later date with light jeans, a blue top and black booties—it would be a completely different look but utilizing the same necklace.

I hope that everyone’s summer is filled with a lot of sun, good food, great times and lovely style.

How To: Want to get this easy, stylish look this summer? Grab your favorite pair of white jeans or crop pants, pair it with a solid blouse or tank, throw on some wedges or sandals and pick up your favorite summer bag. Don’t forget to add a statement necklace that can not only work for the look you want but also work for other outfits in your summer wardrobe. Remember a little sweater too; we all know how those summer nights can get a little chilly while out on the town.

Style On®,

Rachel Bimonte

First Post: Rachel Bimonte — Style Guru Bio — June 3, 2016

Hey Fashionistas! Who is ready for some RAD fashion this summer? I know I am! Welcome back everyone, cheers to the end of school and the start of freedom…I mean summer!

However, for all you working Fashionistas who have jobs this summer, I know you are with me…this adult stuff is hard isn’t it? What can be easy about summer though is having great style without trying too hard.

Summer style is the best. You can look fabulous and you don’t have to add a scarf or gloves or even a hat! However, I do encourage hats as you can see from the pictures above.

Summer for me is all about being a minimalist—you can achieve this by having one focal point of an outfit such as my denim dress (which by the way, I see tons of Fashionistas rocking these days). With that being said, minimally dressing up a main focal point can be the best part. I chose to add a beach hat, a silver watch with some silver accent rings that I wear everyday and my new favorite summer essential—my Ray-Ban sunglasses!

The best part about this outfit is that there are so many options to pick from when it comes to shoes. I chose a strappy white sandal, but a pair of wedges would look great for a night on the town accompanied by a light sweater. What would also look great is a pair of white sneakers to downplay the outfit but still look super stylish.

The best part of the changing of the seasons is taking your old clothes out of the closet and reminding yourself of everything you own…who knew! It is almost like going shopping in your old closet.

Be on the lookout for some great fashion this summer and as always, keep in mind outfits that you can take from day to night (almost every outfit), along with outfits that you can take pieces from other seasons and make them relevant. Lastly, always rock a good neutral. Those are my three favorite fashion guidelines to live by and they will come up a lot in my posts so look out and even try them out.

Until next time, let’s cheers to a RAD summer and ’tis the season for white pants and shoes which is of course the best season!

Style On®,

Rachel Bimonte