My Friend and I Picked Out Each Other’s Outfits!

My friend Carly and I thought it could be fun to head to the local Marshalls and pick outfits out for each other! One rainy Sunday, we did so.

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Ten Facts About Me

DSC_0119.JPGHi everyone!

I realized a couple days ago actually that I have NEVER done a ‘get to know me’ post! I have my about page on my website, but I’ve never addressed certain personal matters that could be interesting!

I personally LOVE when other bloggers have a Q&A or a 10 Facts post (maybe I’m just super nosey?), so I thought that would be a fun thing for me to do as well.

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CHERI: Feminine Leather Fringe


Photo by Hailey Wilson Hiked Productions LLC

Happy Friday, loves!Β 

Today I am bringing you a look featuring a very special jacket, CHERI by Dawn Levy New York!Β 

This jacket is super classic, but has a very feminine and trendy twistβ€”it’s collarless and has amazing fringe detail going throughout the entire coat. I recently partnered with The Levy Group to bring you photos featuring some of their most fab jackets.

You can find this jacket by clicking the link: HERE

Shall we get to the breakdown of how I styled this modern jacket?

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