Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Hi everyone!

Not only does spring mean nice weather, flowers, open toe shoes and no more jackets, but the beginning of May is always a time to celebrate our moms.

My mom’s birthday is in the beginning of May so sometimes it lands on Mothers Day and sometimes it doesn’t—either way, both days are always so special to me!

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My Three Favorite Stores and Why


Blazer & shoes from Charlotte Russe, Jeans from Zara and tank from Marshalls (I think!!?) Sunglasses from Forever 21 which I LOOOOVE! Colourpop on the lips xo

Hi everyone!

Lately when I come up for an idea for a post, I think to myself, would this headline make me want to read the article? I think it is a really useful tactic for writers to do because if I myself wouldn’t read it, what would make my readers want to?

With this in mind, I am channeling a LOT of the questions I get asked by my friends and acquaintances. My friends always ask me what stores I shop at, where I get my clothes and how I get them for so cheap. (Shopping the sales will be its own post!)

For now, let’s get into my three favorite stores to shop at — or shall I say, the three stores I shop at the most, that do the job, are trendy and affordable.

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April Showers Bring…Cute Rain Gear!


Long time, no blog! 

I feel as though lately I have had a lot of Instagram content (and could probably have turned it into blog content), but life just breezes by us sometimes and certain things slip away. Anyways, after the holiday (and all the food), I am here and bringing you some really exciting stuff!

Being a partner with HFX Performance lets me bring you all really amazing outerwear, and this yellow Chloe rain coat is no exception! Lets get into the deets of it. Ps. if you LOVE this jacket like I do, here’s the link to purchase: CLICK HERE

*Scroll down to shop this entire look!

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Jumping the Gun on Spring

IMG_6374.JPGLong time, no blog! Or so it seems…

Okay I am officially O V E R this weather, anyone else? It is still FREEZING here in Connecticut and I have had enough. That’s why on my spring break this past week, I did a lot of spring shopping. Shopping for spring when it’s cold doesn’t help with the fact that I am over this weather, but it is still here.

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Yay Monday! Since the days have been flying by, I am trying to enjoy each day for what it is! I find that if I focus on one day at a time, life is a little more enjoyable. (I know, easier said than done!)

Today I am bringing you all a really fun look! It’s not every day you see someone walking down the street wearing electric blue pants & a full on fur coat, but hey. I can’ tell you how many people looked at me like I had 75 heads while we were shooting — they just don’t understand!

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LUNA Jacket by HFX


Happy Wednesday everyone!

This week is blowing by so fast…who’s with me?! I am SO thankful that the temperatures have been up, because now I can style jackets like this one without FREEZING!! I can almost smell Spring and well, I just cannot wait.

Today I am bringing you a sportier side of me! I love being comfy and cute and I am so happy that athleisure is such a fad these days! This LUNA jacket is everything…the fit is fantastic, it is amazing quality and super soft. An added bonus? The sleeves have thumb holes which I find to be so comfortable and natural.

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